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Course Description

Development of a broad working knowledge of probability, queuing theory, and petri-nets as applied to computer systems performance modeling and assessment.

Required Text

Probability, Statistics and Queuing Theory: with Computer Science Applications (2ND), by A. Allen, Academic Press, ISBN: 0120510510.   
(see the course syllabus for more recommended references)

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What's NEW !

  • Homework#7 assigned 4/7 (Tuesday) and due 4/14 (Tuesday)!
  • Project final report and presentation slides due 4/24 (Friday)!
  • Starting from 3/24 (Tuesday), please use the following link to join the Zoom Meeting/Class at our regularly scheduled class times: https://umassd.zoom.us/j/925059163?pwd=dktDNW9PN01zazlNSnNtdjA5SnRzUT09
  • Instructor

  • Dr. Liudong Xing
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    • Office:  Group II - 209A
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